Design and Engineering Services

The heart of who we are is based in design and engineering. As we work together, you will see this time and again, even though we may not be tasked to design or engineer anything- we understand the tech and the engineering in a wide range of applications and sectors. Very similar to a think-tank approach. We do bring intelligence to the project as part of our value.

We offer engineered solutions in these sectors- Product Design and Development, IT/IS- UX/UI design and planning, infrastructure, Product Design, Use and Assembly

How does creativity fit in?

So, easy enough to find intelligent people. The one you want, and what we offer, is the person who has that capability to release the boundaries, ask why, why not, to use creativity to solve problems.

Sounds like a counter-point of best practice right? In many ways- it is. And therein is the value. Operationally, BPs are a must and a first use. Along the way, the operations must be continually analyzed- are they still the BEST? A creative person is always thinking, always solving, always evolving the routine to its finest. This is in part a lean Six Sigma threshold as well, the refinement is a constant effort, without boundaries. At times, having someone like this on the team can be a healthy disruptor. It can also be a problematic disruptor. The Six Sigma methodology contains checks and balances to limit this issue.